Clean and Green Day 2017

Did you know there are plants that are deer resistant that also thrive on winter rains?

We have all seen the damage to our hillsides and to the ivy around Belvedere. The question is, "What can we do?"

The Parks and Open Space committee have found solutions to our problem and are inviting residents to come to two special events to learn about all the beautiful plants that can work as alternatives to the ivy.

On Thursday November 16 from 6am-7pm the Parks and Open Space Committee is holding a special educational meeting at Belvedere City Hall with a powerpoint presentation by Anne-Marie Walker, Chair of the POSC and Marin Master Gardener. Anne-Marie will share a selection of plants that are both deer resistant and able to survive without irrigation. She'll also explain why these plants thrive in our climate zone and how we can plant them to ensure their success.

On Saturday November 18, from 10am-Noon Belvedere Community Foundation is having a Clean and Green Day. This is a day when neighbors gather to show our beautiful city some love. This year we have three project sites where we will be installing demonstration gardens of these wonderful plants that are deer resistant and can live without supplemental irrigation. Marin Master Gardeners will be on site to teach us the proper planting techniques and to help us out. The work sites are: Five Corners, Centennial Park, and Tom Price Park. If you are not sure where to go to help out you can just come down to Belvedere City Hall and someone will direct you to a project site where you can help. Please bring work gloves. If you are heading to Centennial Park, bulb diggers would be most helpful. Spades and small shovels will be great tools to have at all sites.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email James Campbell at: or 415 488 7333.


Clean and Green Day 2017