Blackie's Garden Flourishes

Blackie's Garden

Belvedere Community Foundation board
members enjoy learning about Blackie's
Garden at Harvey Rogers' 2nd Annual
Garden Tour. (Photo by Peyton Stein)

The most floriferous public garden on our peninsula is without question “Blackie’s Garden.” The 8000 square foot raised bed, located near the parking lot at Blackie’s Pasture, is the result of Harvey Rogers’ dedication and endless energy. As a Belvedere Master Gardener, Harvey has coordinated over 30 volunteers over the past 12 years to keep this garden beautiful.

Volunteers have helped to plant the 2,500 plants made up of 115 species, which are mostly native plants. Not only do the plants at Blackie’s need to be drought tolerant, but also colorful and give the passers-by some planting ideas for their own gardens.

The plants are all labeled for identification and there is now a display case on a pedestal at the north side of the garden where Harvey displays educational material that is changed periodically.

Blackie’s Garden is a constant work in progress. This beautiful color spot is maintained by local volunteers from the whole Peninsula and funded by the Cities of Tiburon and Belvedere, the Belvedere Community Foundation and the Tiburon Peninsula Foundation.